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MMC-VIMAX Pill Male Impotence Treatment

MMC-VIMAX Pill Male Impotence Treatment
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Do you want to ger harder and stronger erections?

MMC-VIMAX Pill Male Impotence Treatment extracted from many natural ingredients to assist man feel more confident. This product is perfect for men sexual intercourse. It can energizes the actual kidney to firm your penis highly, reestablishes vitality and also profit blood, For that reason, MMC-VIMAX pill can deal with your male impotence, early ejaculation, sexual interest falls, short and small penis, and other sexual dysfunctions.

1. improving the lovemaking energy;
2. enlarging your penis dimension;
3. escalating climaxing quantity and quality;
4. treat and stop male impotence.


[Ingredients]:ginseng, hairly lucidum, wolferry-fruit, saffron, hsueh-lien-hua, broomrape, actinolite, tortoise plastron, testicle of yak, sea horse penis, sea dog penis, snow deer penis, snake penis, Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan goat penis, Tibetan donkey penis,etc.

1. Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy growth of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.
2. Shrinking of middle-aged and old man who suffer from premature ejaculation, sexual disorder.

3800 * 12 pills

[Usage & Dosage]:
take by mouth 1 tablet when you need it.

Not suitable for pregnant women, infants and people with hypertension and heart disease.
No effect in preventing and treating disease. Keep away from children and sunlight.
Not applicable for people younger than 18 or older than 60.
Not for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
Not for people who are suffering Heart disease, kidney disease.

[Storage]: Please store in cool and dry place

1. people with high blood pressure, herat disease also can take this product. drinking alcohol do not affect its effect, and it has special good effect to prostate.
2. people under tha age are forbidden to use.
3. drink cold water if suffer many times erection.

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