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Super Star Lishou Diet Pills

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  • Super Star Lishou Diet Pills

Super Star Lishou Diet Pills

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Baian Lishou Diet Pills principles of Chinese medicine 

Product Description

* 1. the use of the special features of Chinese herbs, inhibit fat synthesis, cholesterol fatty acids accelerates, promote cardiovascular intestinal bile acids, thereby strengthening the fats by bile from the crap is out. 

* 2. Improvement of the activity of fat decomposition. Fat in the fat decomposition under enzyme catalysis, hydrolysis of glycerol and fatty acids. Intracellular Glycerol Kinase catalytic generates glycerol phosphate and turned then to dihydroxyacetone phosphate by glucose metabolic pathways, in glucose or glycogen, see human energy metabolism. A person can use directly to fatty acids with the exception of tire red cells and the brain, the organisations.  

Baian Lishou Diet Pills unique effect of lipid-lowering diet, weight loss do not rebound, and lipid-lowering effect lasting, fully meet the health needs of the success of modern urban fashion people.

size: 40 tablets x500mg.

take method: once a day, one at a time (before or after breakfast take).

shelf life: 24 months.

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